Benjamin Wolfe is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology in the Department of Biology at Tufts University. His lab uses food microbial communities to address fundamental questions in microbial ecology and evolution. 

He received his B.Sc. from Cornell University in 2003 and his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2010. He developed an interest in food microbial communities as a post-doc with Rachel Dutton at Harvard's FAS Center for Systems Biology

Benjamin is a passionate promoter of microbial literacy through teaching and writing. He has taught food microbiology courses at the Harvard Summer School and Boston University's Gastronomy Program and has taught classes or workshops at Formaggio Kitchen, the San Francisco Cheese School, and for artisan food guilds across the country. Benjamin is a regular contributor to the food magazine Lucky Peach and writes an online series about the biology of food for Boston magazine. He is a co-founder of, a website that digests the science of fermented foods.

For a full list of research, teaching, and outreach activities, please see the Wolfe lab website.

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