WIRED (online) wrote about how we try to understand how microbes make cheese delicious.

Tufts Now on how my lab is using fermented foods to understand microbial communities.

So delighted to have been part of Gastropod's podcast on cheese

WIRED (online) covered our recent Cell paper on the microbial diversity of cheese rinds.

You can also watch a video in which Rachel Dutton and I describe the research in our Cell paper

Mental Floss published a feature on my research with cheese microbial communities

Christina Agapakis explores the parallels between skin and cheese microbiology as well as the origins of disgust in the fascinating art installation Selfmade


Edible Boston profiled our research in the Dutton Lab on cheese microbes

Rachel Dutton and I presented our research on cheese rinds at the Neal's Yard Dairy
Science of Artisan Cheese Conference in 2012

Neal's Yard Dairy Science of Artisan Cheese Conference: Microbial Diversity & Interactions