Food is a powerful tool for teaching the general public about science. I am especially passionate about using food as a medium to improve microbial literacy. 

Boston magazine published an online series written by chef Scott Jones and I on the biology of food.

American Microbial Terroir
In issue 4 of Lucky Peach (David Chang's journal of food and writing), I explored how microbial communities of naturally aged American salami could provide insights into microbial terroir.  

The Other Yeasts
In edition 42 of The World of Fine Wines, I highlighted some of the important contributions of lesser known yeasts to the production of food.  

Apocalyptic Rot
In issue 6 of Lucky Peach, I explored the microbial ecology of food spoilage in a post-apocalyptic world.


Microbial Street Food
Who's eating the cigarette butts that line our city sidewalks? And what can they tell us about the ecology of microbes? Check out my microbial safari of the streets of Boston in Issue 10 of Lucky Peach.